How do I order from 1214 Alley?

15 easy steps for a desirable shopping experience at 1214 Alley.com!

  1. Click on an item to view all details and colours/sizes. Scroll through the pages to view the product at different angles.
  2. Choose the colour and size (if applicable) you wish to purchase, and click on 'Add to Cart’. This action will lead you to your Shopping Cart Summary, in which you can choose to continue browsing, or make payment for the chosen piece(s). THIS ACTION WILL NOT SECURE THE PIECE(S) IN YOUR CART. How do I confirm my orders then? Refer to point 7 onwards.
  3. Repeat steps (1) and (2) if you wish to add more items to your shopping cart.
  4. Click on ‘Checkout’ once you’ve finalised all order.
  5. New Customers: 
    • You may choose to create an account with us, simply key in your preferred password and click on “create account”. Voila! Your account has been successfully activated. 
    • Otherwise, you may proceed to checkout asGuest”, you’ll be prompted to fill in your details such as your particulars, billing/delivery address and email address.
  6. Returning customers: Please sign in to your account by clicking on 'Sign In Now"
    1. Click on "Continue to Next Step"
    2. Choose your preferred mode of delivery(Normal postage/Registered postage). The postage fee will be reflected on the drop list you see.
    3. Choose your preferred mode of payment. (Internet banking / Paypal via PayPal Account / Debit / Credit Card) 
    4. Payment Method:
      • PayPal: Upon completing the payment process via PayPal, you will be informed on the payment status. All PayPal payment Payment successfully made will be verified immediately, no further verification will be provided from 1214 Alley. 
      • Internet Banking: Your order is now CONFIRMED AND RESERVED for 12hours for you  to make payment. You will be given an order number. Please keep note of your order number for future referencing.
    5. You may choose to sign up with us for a exclusive updates and for us to keep a record for future reference.Simply tick, "
    6. Click on “Complete my purchase” to finalise your order.
    7. For all orders successfully placed, you will received an email from us with your order number and our banking details.
    8. An confirmation email will be sent to you once your payment’s been verified(within 24 hours) and your order will be ship out in the next 36 hours. (Applicable only to customers who opt for Internet Banking as preferred payment method)
    9. Be prepared to receive your 1214 Alley products in approximate 3-4 working days (for Local Mails) and 7-14 working days (for International Mails)! Note: Delivery schedule varies as they are handled by 3rd party vendors - SingPost. 



    How can I be informed of the latest update?

    To be the first to know of our latest updates, all you have to do is to subscribe to our newsletter! You can do so by signing up for an account with us or by entering your email address in the bottom-right corner of our website.



    What mode of payments do you accept?

    For local orders:

    We currently accept local bank transfers via Internet Banking and PAYPAL. We do not accept ATM transfers. Kindly note that Interbank Transfers* take 3 working days to be credited in our account. Payment verification will only take place after the transaction is successful.

    **Please input the same name you use when placing an order with us under the <My Initials> field.

    Please make all internet bank transfers to:

    1214 Alley

    Account number: 066-008100-1

    Account type:  DBS eMulti-Currency Autosave Account

    Bank Name & Code: DBS Bank Ltd (DBS Bank Ltd) (7171)

    Bank Branch: 066

    *All other local banks apart from DBS or POSB


    For International orders:

    We only accept PayPal payment.



    When will my order be delivered?

    Upon payment verification, all orders received will be mailed out within the next 36 hours. An email notification will be sent to you once order has been dispatched. If you have opted for a registered postage, you will be able to track your order online. 


    How much is delivery of item(s)?

    Within Singapore, all normal postage fee are set at $1.70 per item and $3.95 per item for registered postage.

    Please note that order tracking is not available for normal postage deliveries, we will not bear any responsibility for any lost parcel. Kindly wait for 7 full working days for your parcel to arrive. If it does not arrive by then, you may contact our Customer Service Team at enquiries@1214alley.com and we will be glad to render you assistance.

    Kindly note that there is a weight limit of 2kg for any Registered Parcel. Order which exceeds this weight limit will have to be sent via Speedpost instead. You may track your parcel with this delivery mode on Singpost website.



    What is your return / exchange policy?

    We only accept returns / exchange if there is a defect in the item. All returns / exchange must be made within 7 working days upon receiving receipt of dispatch. 

    To request for a return / exchange, please email our customer service team at enquiries@1214alley.com and submit the query to us. We will get back to you within 2-3 working days. All postage will be bourne by the customer. All returns/exchange has to be done within 7 working days upon receiving receipt of dispatch. All items should not be worn / washed, and must be in brand new condition. You can read more about our return/exchange policy under the Terms & Condition tab.

    In any event that the item is sold out, we will issue a credit note for you to use for your next purchase. 

    All returns / exchange strictly by postage only. We will not entertain any meetups. 



    How can we contact you?

    Drop us an email at enquiries@1214alley.com!